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The stars came out and shone brightly during this year’s Star Magic Ball. Not only was it a time to dress up, have fun, and let loose, but it was also the perfect opportunity for our favorite celebrity couples and loveteams to shower us mortals with their sweet PDA… perhaps even a few accidental confessions?

The biggest surprise of the night was Bea Alonzo and Gerald Anderson arriving at the ball together – as dates. Of course, there were hints of the two rekindling their relationship but we didn’t expect that Gerald would have a slip of the tongue and admit that they are working it out.

You heard it here, they’re seeing each other again!

The two started dating after their movie “How To Be Yours” was released. There was a palpable chemistry right from the start and they decided to take that off-screen. But it was revealed that even before that time, the two tried to work something out. Unfortunately, the budding relationship failed. Gerald was the one who cut their short-lived romance because he was too young then.

He admitted that he was ‘stupid’ and it was just a case of ‘bad timing’. But a month before this accidental slip, Bea appeared on “Tonight With Boy Abunda” and said that the two were enjoying their time together. Without any labels yet, of course. She wasn’t ready to settle down yet but the two are obviously into each other.

His unconscious confession happened during the interview with Star Studio magazine and was even caught on tape. Gerald said,

“I think it’s obvious na we’re very special [to one another] kasi we’ve been together for the last –” he was caught saying. Gerald continued while blushing: “Basta nage-enjoy kami, tama na!”

Gerald and Bea are sure to learn from their mistakes and work on a better, happier relationship – though it failed in the past. They seem to be smitten with each other and they’re sure to learn from one another. We feel that this couple has the staying power that can last long years.

Watch the video below for more details of this juicy revelation.

Do you think that Gerald Anderson and Bea Alonzo are a good match for each other? Would you like to see this pairing have a happy ending or would you rather see them date other people? Share your thoughts, reactions, and opinions in the comments section below! Don’t forget to follow Trending News Portal on Facebook!

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