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It’s not the first time that Kapamilya actress Julia Montes was accused of being a snob. But despite this accusation, the people closest to the actress proved she isn’t like someone who has an attitude problem. But still, thanks to her RBF (resting b*tch face) as it was the reason why she landed the role of ‘Clara’ in the remake of ‘Mara Clara’ with Kathryn Bernardo.

“Ako kini-claim ko siguro na nami-misunderstood ako. Kasi ako bubbly ako, friendly pero mahiyain ako at the same time. At saka ang hitsura, features ko, kapag tumatahimik ako, tignan mo lang ang mukha ko mukha akong nagmamaldita,” she told ABS-CBN in an interview in 2012.

“Yun ang edge ko kung bakit ako nakuhang Clara. Minsan hindi ako nagsasalita, tingnan mo lang ako akala maldita ako. Kaya minsan gusto kong kinakausap ako kasi mas nakikilala ako ng tao kumpara sa tatahimik lang ako na ang impression ay mataray o maldita,” she furthered.

Contrary to the opinion, Julia is indeed a nice person inside and out. Just recently, a compilation of clips of the actress has gone viral on social media as she was seen being the humblest person a fan could ever meet. Netizens were also quick to give commendation to the actress.

The video was published by Youtube page ‘Mr. Tsismoso. She was reportedly on her way to her tent when a fan called her and asked for a photograph together. Despite the hectic time, Julia still gave her fan the moment she wished to have.

Another clip depicted the ‘Doble Kara’ star rushing towards her camp when another fan called her. Since the actress couldn’t come to her as she was strictly guarded by her assistants, she tilted her head, faced her fan and gave her a genuine smile.

The clips were captured while Julia was on the set of filming the series of movies produced by the Department of Health (DOH) which aim to tackle the life stories and achievements of doctors featured in ‘The Doctors To The Barrio’ program.

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