Away from the Bright Lights of Showbiz, These Pinoy Celebrities Have Regular Jobs Now


Breaking into the cutthroat competition of the Philippine showbiz industry is almost everybody’s dream. Who wouldn’t want a life as fancy as the ones we’re seeing on their social media accounts? Never mind if these Pinoy celebrities have to endure days of tedious tapings and ungodly shooting schedules just so they could finish the show on time.

While forgotten ones, or nalipasan na ng panahon, still try to make themselves relevant through publicity stunts, other celebrities ditched the glitz and glamour of bright lights for simpler lives. For these Pinoy artistas, living ordinary lives and holding regular jobs are what make them truly content and infinitely happy.

Here are some local artistas who found their passion away from the camera and adoring fans:

Makisig Morales

He was a singer became he became known for his role as the adorable “Super Inggo” in the fantaserye of the same name. Makisig left showbiz to live with his family in the Land Down Under. He now works in a fast food chain, while studying culinary arts. One glance at his Instagram feed will whet your appetite.

Serena Dalrymple

Who could forget her catchy line of “Isa pa-isa pa’ng chicken joy” in a Jollibee commercial back in the 90’s? Serena was later cast in a series of movies and series in ABS-CBN, making her one of the most bankable child stars amongst her peers. She retired from showbiz to focus on her studies, finishing a degree in the US. She’s now a manager at Viacom, a media company in America.

Mikko Samson

He was part of the youth-oriented show, G-mik, aired in 1999, along with other teen stars Camille Prats, Angelica Panganiban, Carlo Aquino, and John Prats. After appearing in one movie, Mikko finished his studies and went on to become a lawyer. He’s now a senior associate of the prestigious Romulo law firm as counselor specializing on corporate law and finance.

Mikee Lee

Nicknamed the “Pambato ng Ateneo,” Mikee was the runner-up in “Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition,” behind rumored MU, Kim Chiu. He went on to model for clothing brand and joined the talk show, “Y Speak,” on Studio 23. He left showbiz sometime in 2009, graduating with a degree from Ateneo. He’s based in Singapore and works as a strategy and planning professional.

He was originally based in Canada, after they moved there when he was 12 years old. After 10 years, Don came back to the Philippines to try his luck in acting. He appeared in a couple of movies and TV shows, but he eventually returned to the land of maple leaves. He’s now a police officer for the 32 Division in Toronto.

What could you say about their regular jobs? Are you a fan of any of these former celebrities? Have you met them in person? Let us know in the comments section below!

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