Anak Ni Jake Ejercito At Andi Eigenmann Na Si Ellie, Pinahanga Ang Kanyang Mga Magulang Sa Husay Niya sa Gymnastic



Adrianna Gabrielle Eigenmann, also known as ‘Ellie‘ is now getting recognized for more than being the daughter of two public figures, Andi Eigenmann and Jake Ejercito — she is making waves in the world of athletics as a promising gymnast.

Doting parents Jake Ejercito and Andi Eigenmann cheered for Ellie in a gymnastics competition, where they took precious videos of her showcasing her amazing talent. Jake uploaded the video with the caption: “My lil’ champion! with dem Xander Ford knees.” From these screencaps taken from a recent viral video, we can see why the celebrity couple is very proud of their talented daughter.



He seemed to be referring to Ellie’s dark knees that she got from training and doing gymnastics.

It all paid off, though, as Ellie won three silver medals and one gold medal in said competition on Saturday, December 9.




Ellie’s strength is truly impressive, as shown in one video her father uploaded where she was pulling herself around a bar.

“Do u even lift?” said Jake’s caption on the video.

She seems to be taking after her loving mother the most. Andi Eigenmann is also known to have quite an active lifestyle. It’s nice to see six-year-old Ellie being able to do the same stuff — like surfing — as young as she is.





Meanwhile, netizens are having mixed reactions on the fact that Jake seems to be as hands-on a parent as Andi has been all along.

“ui bglang proud,,, dati deny to death,” said one netizen in the Ellie’s Youtube clip uploaded by Pinoy Showbiz Latest.

“its not to late PRA mgng ama#goodbless both,” said another.

To witness Ellie’s strength and talent in gymnastics, see video below:

What can you say about Ellie’s athletic prowess? Do you agree that it’s not too late for Jake Ejercito to stand as a father to Ellie? Is Andi Eigenmann right in sharing her daughter to Jake, even though he denied that he’s the father before? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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